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Slaughter in Art was founded in 2003 by Veles (Nowak Nicolas) as a presentation platform for different activities in the European Music Style: Industrial, Neo-folk, Power Electronic, Pagan Folk, Death-Industrial, Dark Ambient,Experimental, Minimal, Martial, Black Industrial,Ambient, Orchestral, Neoclassical, Noise Music genre.

We began our activities in 2004 with label work. The first SIA release was a limited CD-R to 90 copies of the swiss band Die Macht. « Instinct de Survie » can be now considered as a collector and a must-have for any warlike industrial martial freak.

The first official SIA live appearance was the “Make Love And War” Fest in Avignon (France) in December 2004 with a performance by Der Feuerkreiner, Sektion B and Communication Zero. An after party was organized with DJ Lars & DJ Antz (Soleil Noir – Switzerland) and DJ Psykotiker (Mass Control Records).

At the end of 2006 the first SIA release on vinyl saw the light of our bunker. Die Macht’s “Blut unter den Fahnen” has now become a reference on the martial industrial scene, and took the attention of reviews by its high packaging and design’s quality.

In 2008 our new “Je suis partout” section was created. Its aim is to release low quantity of limited CD-R edition, built and forged in an artisanal way, piece by piece. This is a new act of defiance towards the materialistic world and its conception.

Die Macht « Instinct de Survie » and Tribe Of Circle « Frères Humains… Frères Ennemis » were added to this section.

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Today Slaughter In Art is a passionate and professional team!

Markus Schrei (professional contact)

John (Mastering and Visual)

Slaughter In Art is not only a label, it’s not business but a true passion, a way of life, a revolt against the modern world!

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