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  • I’m looking for a label and I would like to have a release done through your label ; how to proceed?

Send us a promo CD with a narrative of your project along with your email address and web site at:

Slaughter In Art

8 chemin du coadjuteur

13200 Arles

  • I live in a foreign country and I’m not able to find Slaughter In Art CDs anywhere, what should I do?

Slaughter An Art music is not exactly mainstream, availibility is a problem for all of us. Here’s a few suggestions: First, try ordering them through our online mailorder catalog at http://www.jspdistributions.com. There are also a few links to mailordering companies in the related section (Distributor) or links (mailorder). If you’re looking for the rarest items, try visiting a second-hand record dealer, or try asking on the mailing list.

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