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  • Because we believe in the Ideal of ideological and aesthetical communautarism
  • Because the libertarian Spirit leads us and makes us independent
  • Because any System won’t take away our freespeech
  • Because destroying fake Idols needs the most violent and appropriated means
  • Because we prefer pure ideology to prevailing demagogy
  • Because we measure the value of the word given to the accomplished acts
  • Because we know from where we’re coming in order to show where we’ll have to go
  • Because passing an Heritage is our duty
  • Because we’ll act in History rather than being simple viewers
  • Because the Struggle of tomorrow needs modern weapons…..

We created the « Je Suis Partout » section,with the intimate conviction that our Duty is to keep a watchful eye facing this decadent and disintegrated World, in order to organize offensives, support struggles, and defend ideological arguments…   

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