Andrea Meyer “Nebel”
Aghast, Hagalaz runedance, Nebelhexë, Aghast manor…
Voice on Satyricon, CoF…
Victim of the Islamic terrorist attack in Kongsberg. (Norway)
20 years we know each other, since the time of the “Wolf division” …
I haven’t seen him for almost 15 years
I will miss you!
Your talent, your personality, You were passionate ! A Valkyria!
Will be missed by the whole music scene (Dark / Pagan / BM …).
See you in Valhalla dark Queen!
My condolences to Alva, the family and friends.
“Life is meant to be lived! It is a wonderful and limitless journey and I am fascinated by all its mysteries and explore spiritual philosophies from around the world. I love true spirituality, real people and real accomplishments.” (Nebel)