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Im Einsatz is a side project of Die Macht. It is probably the one and only dark ambient project from Switzerland offering unique creations. In the same spirit as LJDLP, Wappenbund or Toroidh. Im Einsatz is now out on the French label Slaughter In Art.

„Alerte en Pays Neutre” by Im Einsatz is a concept album. Its topic is „controversial” history of Switzerland during World War II and its armed neutrality. The most impressive side of the samples used in this album – on both french and german language – and taken from rare information radio programms, official meetings and sppeches, is their strong pridefull dimension of being a swiss man, belonging to this little alpine trilingual community, together with the intense conviction of defending this identity. Im Einsatz’s music was created as the sound of resistance: symphonic, grandiloquent, but also saturated and stifling.
Quotations in the inside-booklet place Switzerland in a true non revisionistic historical point of view. Such as this one, pronounced by Winston Churchil himself and now being so contradictory to the neo-historians who have it volountary forgotten:
«Of all the neutrals, Switzerland has the greatest right distinction… She has been a Democratic State, standing for freedom and self-defense among her mountains, and in thought, in spite of race, largely on our side.»