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le dedale backcover

Le Dedale Des Maudits – subtile neoclassical arrangements meet the might of martial percussion. Luxuriance combinated to voluptuousness and refinement of the 1st french Empire (1804-1814). 6 tracks of unique subtile neo-martial orchestation for an homage to m (more) other Europe Comes in a DVD case stricly limited & handnumbered to 200 copies.

The dawn has risen, a little fresh, the air is calm on the plain. One is almost surprised not to hear any bird song piercing the morning mist that licks the ground. Looking at the sky, this autumn day looks beautiful. He kneels down to put his hand in the wet grass, and let the dew shiver freeze his soul a little and take a few drops in his clenched fist… Yes, the day could be beautiful but yet the earth starts to rumble, a silent order that pierced the throats and everyone starts marching…Down there at the end of the plain, the cannons are ready to roar. There is no more time for one to think, to run away…

Beautifully epic, the music of the French project Le Dédale des Maudits (The Maze of the Cursed), is carrying visuals; mixing neoclassical arrangements, martial percussions, it slams without excess, without exaggerated exuberance, offering to the listener some calmer tracks (‘Le joug du sacrifice’, ‘Narcose’), almost mystical, to let the tension tickle the pit of his stomach before big drums and drums sound the charge.

Symphonic industrial is an ultra saturated genre, what more can Le Dédale des Maudits bring? Moreover, ‘Brille au-delà des temps’ is a disc with more melancholic moments, sometimes intimate in the emotion (‘Duel’). Everything is balance of the forces. And of the emotion, it is tempting to recreate an orchestra with samplers, sequencers and other technological miracles but very often, the result is cold, impersonal.

Le Dédale des Maudits knew how to avoid the pitfall by a delicate approach. Less warlike and percussive than often in this kind of project, without sounding mawkish. In fact, the five pieces follow one another in a fluid, varied manner, with a marked cinematographic side that will allow everyone to let their imagination wander to the side of Barry Lindon much more than to the Patriot. The war is here, yes, but for the time of being, we guess it more than we live it… And that’s worse.