Limited edition of 75 copies in a DVD case.


La Ligne 6:49
Victory In Blood 10:30
Ultime Chance 6:01
In Memoriam

Die Macht “Instinct de survie”Die Macht “Instinct de survie” (SIA 001)

After three good albums with his project RSLD, where he explored themes such as war, destruction and the
relationship between Men and death, JF the mastermind behind this project comes back under the name Die Macht
(german acronym for « The Power »). Even if this new acronym sounds a bit more agressive, the music has anyway
abandoned its noisy industrial side, to reorientate towards a more ambient martial aspect, not so far from many
works done by Les Joyaux de la Princesse. The comparison is clearly visible facing the musical structures, created
around progressive suffocated rolling and disturbing atmospheres.
« Victory In Blood II » begins on a completly dark ambient vein, using crawling infra basses, on which is added a
martial rythm, before the coming back of heavy church organs, ouside time and spaces (reminding the delicious and
grandiloquent « Lost Patria » on the second RSLD opus). The final chapter of this composition achieves on noise
influences. Atmospheres are more symphonic and orchestral on « Ultime Chance II », build around church organs,
which are slowly disturbed by progressive obsessed moods, until the final highlight. The final track « In
Memoriam » offers a bit more melancholic and sensitive ambiance and ends this funeral trip, where every track was
created patiently, alternating from intimity to more extroverted feelings. A great work done here, and presented in a
maginficient DVD case. A great conceptual and intellectual audial performance.
Twilight by gutsofdarkness


Die Macht ‎– Instinct De Survie

Artist : DIE MACHT
Genres : Industrial, Martial
Format : CD