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Caverna delle rose – Elysian chants

News on Sia! We are proud to announce the album of Caverna delle rose "Elysian chants" CAVERNA DELLE ROSE Inspired by magical rituals and practices from antiquity to modern times, Caverna delle Rose stands as a liminal musical project between research and reinterpretation. Conducted by AimA (Les Jumeaux Discordants, Allerseelen), Evor Ameisie (NRTHGTE, DDeM Label, Camerata Mediolanense) and Diego Cinquegrana, the Caverna delle Rose project draws an anthropologically coherent sound bridge between ancient practices and beliefs and contemporaneity. ELYSIAN CHANTS Elysian Chants, the group's first release, takes us on an evocative journey through seven Orphic Hymns (Late Hellenistic Period) and......

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