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Begun in 1995 by Jean-Paul Antelmi of France, the project ‘Tribe of Circle’ has evolved through a dark ambient to martial neofolk genre but has remained a dedicated vehicle for the artist’s very personal and introspective concepts.
Through Tribe of Circle Antelmi provokes the listener to think and feel and realise their own interpretation of the music. On the latest album – Children of a Weakened God – Antelmi continues to address a common theme of secular humanism, invoking ideals that transcend physical reality.

The profoundly disturbing L’Une Ou L’Autre De Nos Failles (One or the other of our weaknesses) is an exemplary artistic interpretation of humanity’s decline in the face of unstoppable industrial progress.

Woven together with incredible complexity are movie soundbites, ethereal female laments, forceful, bombastic percussion sets, the spoken word, (for example the dramatic medieval poem “Ballade des Pendus”, superbly orated by Léo Ferré on the track Frères Humains…Frères Ennemis) and unusual instruments such as the cornemuse (French bagpipe) amongst other things, to make truly powerful compositions.
From Hope To Loyalty… From Strength To Victory! Cdr to 2ex)(Not on label) 2000
Rien Ne Disparait Jamais Vraiment – Released on Athanor 2000
Altered States (7 “) – Released on Hau Ruck! 2001
The Advent of Redemption (Hau Ruck!) 2001
Frères Humains…Frères Ennemis Cdr 2005 Released on (Slaughter in Art)
Children OF A Weakened God (Hau Ruck!)2006